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Home ownership journey ended before it even began

We are one of the families affected by the Foreign Buyers Tax/Fair Housing Plan. The Liberal government imposing a FBT dropped prices 20%-30% across the board in GTA. This has put a majority of purchasers in a financial and emotional bind, and my family included are experiencing troubling times, as now we have to sell our current house at lower market valuation and close a new house at peak pricing. While I do agree with the majority of real estate buyers and Brad Carr, that no one forced us to sign on the dotted line, I also feel no one should be forced to close a house when governments are actively trying to crash the housing market. I also do not agree that hundreds of individual families should not be taking the financial hit, while a billion private dollar company who owns a majority of the land in Halton can impose fines/fees for individuals who do not want to close the house. Is it my fault I had to frugally live and save in order to afford a house?




Sebastian and Bianca


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If you have been impacted by the house market cooling measures and have not closed on your pre-construction home; OR if you have experienced the effect of a lack of consumer protection when purchasing a pre-construction home in the past, please contact us and tell us your story.


Disclaimer: Contact details and personal stories are kept confidential, unless permission is granted by the individual to share.


A diverse group of families fighting for fairness as the impact of The Fair Housing Plan may cost them everything.

Oakville, Ontario

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