The Community for Fairness is a culturally diverse, determined group of families who work hard and contribute to Ontario’s economic future and stability.   We have come together to stand up for ourselves and for other families who are facing the adverse affects of the Ontario Government’s housing policies implemented in April 2017. 

Home ownership in Ontario has been tough with increasing prices.  The Families of the Community for Fairness, like all families in Ontario, have worked hard to own the homes that we purchased.  We were able to afford our new homes last year when we signed our purchase agreements, however find ourselves unable to do so after the new rules were put into place.  We are shocked and stunned to discover the hard way, that there is lack of consumer protection and regulations within the new home building industry, and as a result there is an unwillingness for organizations to do what is right.  

We struggle daily, with the stresses of our situation.  Bullying tactics by the home developer, Mattamy,  and the reality that our once solid futures are being sacrificed because we are being forced to take on unmanageable debt loads.  All of which are contradictory to our government’s vision of what Ontario is.

Policies should be made with ALL Ontarians in mind.  They should not come about for the sake of change to gain votes, rather, a few change initiatives that are more thoughtful when executed will have a longer-lasting and more positive effect in our communities.  This is the kind of change we are advocating for today.

We support our government by working hard and contributing to social welfare however here we are,  fighting to be heard. How is that even possible in this modern age?

Our efforts to draw attention to the issues many Ontarians are facing to seek help, find resolution and drive change for all is a cause worth uniting for.


To learn more about who we are, read our personal stories (OUR STORIES)


If you find yourself in a similar situation contact us (CONTACT) and join us as we raise our voices!

About us

A culturally diverse, determined group of families...


A diverse group of families fighting for fairness as the impact of The Fair Housing Plan may cost them everything.

Oakville, Ontario

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